Filiform warts are long and thin tumors that grow very fast on the outside layer of the skin. These are not malignancies and are harmless. Filiform warts are commonly shaped like a finger and are projected outwardly from inside the skin. These are typically located in specific locations like the eyelids, nose, lips, chin, neck or anywhere on the face.

They are typically found more often in older children than any other age groups. They can become irritated, itchy, or start to bleed. This typically occurs when they are purposely scratched or when clothes unintentionally rub up against them.

In certain locations on the body where they may be easily rubbed, they can cause a bit of pain and turn into a medical issue.

A filiform wart is viral in nature. The virus that causes this infection is human papilloma virus (HPV). Due to the fact that it is contagious, a filiform wart can be transferred from one location on a person’s skin to a different location on a person’s skin and also can be transferred from one person’s skin to another person’s skin.

A person can transmit one of these warts from one location on the skin to a different location on the same person’s skin whenever they scratche the filiform wart and then touches another area of the skin without first washing the hands.

Direct contact with another person could transmit the virus. This happens if another person touches someone else’s wart. It is easy for this to happen to kids when they play team sports like football or basketball.

The virus can also be spread if a person touches an object that was already touched by the person who has the virus. For instance, this can occur when two people share the same towel.

Filiform warts typically resolve on their own but it can take several months or even years.

However since they more generally occur on visible areas of the individual, they may create some discomforts relating to the aesthetic aspect. In view of this one may consider treatment.

Seeking out details concerning how to get rid of warts? Furthermore you will read about the removal of skin tags.

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