Anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. Feeling anxious can motivate an individual to effectively cope with stressful situations and challenges. According to a study done by psychologists in Lynwood WA, there are five major classes of these disorders which are generalized, phobic, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder. All of them are associated with feelings of physiological stress reactions. The individual will be persistently fearful, worried or hopeless and will have difficulty of breathing, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea or disturbance of sleep. Just to give people an idea, here are the five different types of disorders and some anxiety treatment Lynwood methods that can be used.

These types of disorders are characterized by chronic and exaggerated feelings of anxiety that happens without an evident stimulus to trigger the reaction. People with this disorder often feel that something bad is going to happen. They find it difficult to control their fears and worries and sometimes they do not know why they are anxious.

Now there are also the phobias and these phobias are very common among people. Now one would often get phobia attacks when he will have to confront his greatest fears. He will often try to avoid confronting it no matter what it takes.

Now there are also panic orders which would stem out as terror attacks. Now those who would suffer from this type of disorder would often palpitate and have a hard time breathing when they feel extreme fear. Basically, they would be having panic attacks when something would trigger a reaction for them to feel that way.

Obsessive compulsive disorders are characterized by recurring thoughts that provoke thoughts or actions that one keeps repeating. People with OCD repeat certain actions because it relieves their stress. For example, an individual with OCD compulsively washes his hand to ease his obsessive fear about dirt or germs that may inhabit the house even if they are actually not harmful.

Now one of the most dangerous of these would of course be the post traumatic disorder wherein patients may have this type of disorder for a very long time. Now those who have this disorder would usually be having nightmares. Their flashbacks would often affect them as they grow older to the point that they will not be able to function properly.

Anxiety disorders can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy a form of psychotherapy, which helps people understand how their thought pattern contributes to their disorder, and how they can change it to minimize their symptoms. Behavioral therapy such as deep breathing techniques is also another treatment used to minimize or cease the symptoms associated with the disorder. Drugs such as serotonin agonists and antidepressants are also used as treatment. Serotonin agonists and antidepressants both interfere with serotonin which is involved in causing symptoms.

Psychotherapy and medication play a significant role in treating people with anxiety disorders. It is important that the psychotherapy is provided by a licensed psychologist, the medications are appropriate and the patients are well informed about the possible side effects of the medications. In most cases, a combination of treatments such as behavioral therapy and antidepressant prove as a highly effective treatment.

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