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We all know that obesity can increase the possibility of certain serious diseases significantly. And many times the seeds of obesity are sown in childhood since childhood obesity is understood to carry into adulthood.

But that is not the only concern that exists with regards to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is also the cause behind various diseases that are being reported in children and adolescents. The incidence of such diseases was erstwhile almost nil among children and teens. And therefore, it can almost be concluded that obesity plays a significant role in causing certain so called ‘adult ailments’ in our children.

Although adult diseases in children can also occur due to genetic and environmental reasons, the incremental factor is associated with the increase in population of obese children. In the last two and a half decades there has been a quantum jump of 400% in the number of obese children of 6 years and above.

Obesity is a health risk, which has been accepted by all experts. It exposes children to:

* Hypertension – Research and studies reveal that hypertension is more frequent, nearly nine times more in obese children as compared to children with normal weight.
* Type 2 Diabetes – Obese children especially those with a family history of type 2 diabetes run a significantly greater risk of developing the disease.
* Orthopedic complications – The cartilage in lower limbs and joints in children is at a developmental stage. Obesity can damage the cartilage since it is not geared up as yet to bear more than normal weight.
* Asthma.
* Sleep apnea – Difficulty in breathing and absence of respiration during sleep.
* Depression – The psychological and social stigma that is associated with obesity can be more traumatic during childhood and adolescence. This can lead to mental disorders like depression.

Determining whether your child is obese is a difficult job. This is because you have to first eliminate the weight gain due to the natural growth process of a child. But there are growth charts available with pediatricians that can easily tell you whether your child is obese for his age and height. Beyond that the factors that need to be considered are:

* Body Mass Index (BMI) – A BMI of 30+ should be enough to raise alarms.
* Height and BMI – Tall children normally have a higher BMI
* Family history – Obesity, cigarette smoking, sedentary lifestyle and early cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes need to be considered.
* Signs of stress of weight on lower limbs and joints.
* Absence of logical thinking – This is a symptom that often accompanies obesity and sleep apnea.

A definite and positive approach path towards weight loss solutions is of utmost importance when it comes to treating childhood obesity. There are many options that you can opt from:

* Consider dietary therapy that could help in obtaining herbal weight loss . This will ensure that your child does not need to take strong weight loss medication that is known to have side effects.
* Treating childhood obesity with the aid of natural weight loss programs is recommended. This involves egging your young ones to participate in physical activities in school and outside. Encourage them to take up some sport.
* A change in behaviors and shifting to healthy lifestyles, nutritional diet and avoiding over dependence on fast foods can help in treating childhood obesity.
* Surgical options like a gastric bypass should be considered only as a last resort when nothing else works for your kid. It will do good to keep in mind that all invasive therapies are replete with dangers.

Childhood obesity can potentially ruin the health of an entire generation. It is incumbent upon parents and teachers to discourage over dependence on computer games and junk foods and motivate children towards sports and healthy diet.

Before naming the herbs that can be used as weight loss supplements it is pertinent to mention that diets can be considered a success only if they reduce or maintain weight without harming overall health. At the same time these supplements should satisfy all the nutritional requirements, meet individual preferences of tastes and minimize hunger and maintain energy levels.

Herbal weight loss supplements can help in weight reduction in more than one way. Some herbs improve digestion and metabolism while others suppress craving for foods. All of these can lead to a significant weight loss since body’s metabolism, including basal metabolism, largely determines how efficiently you consume calories to convert to energy.

-? ? ? Green tea contains caffeine and is an antioxidant that improves metabolism.
-? ? ? A sprinkling of Cayenne can stimulate saliva and increase metabolism to a safer level.
-? ? ? Seaweed or kelp is a thyroid stimulant. The herb works towards restoring thyroxin production to control weight gain.
-? ? ? Ginseng, often termed as a wonder herb, boosts energy and metabolism.
-? ? ? Nettle is a thermogenic herb.
-? ? ? Hoodia gordonii is an appetite suppressant.
-? ? ? Cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) is a strong laxative and diuretic herb. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), on the other hand is a gentle laxative and diuretic that aids in digestion.
-? ? ? You can use Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) to inhibit cravings for sweets and snacking without adding calories.
-? ? ? The seeds of Psyllium (Plantago psyllium or Spanish psyllium) swell and become gelatinous when moist and can be used as a mild laxative.

There are other herbs that are also effective as natural weight loss remedies. The specific herb that is likely to be most beneficial depends on your constitution.

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A moderate lifestyle is fundamental to the success of any natural weight loss plan. Get plenty of rest and exercise, eat a balanced diet and drink water throughout the day even if you are not thirsty. Take natural weight loss supplements? to meet your nutritional needs. Be happy and don’t deny yourself the occasional treat.

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Obesity can be caused due to a genetic predisposition, an inactive lifestyle and bad eating habits or due to an underlying medical ailment like thyroid disorders. Most effective obesity treatments are slow. The process requires persistent determination as it involves diets that you may not like and regular exercise.

Weight loss medications are neither approved nor safe and should be used only after other natural weight loss solutions have been tried. In addition there is always a risk of regaining weight after you stop the medicines. Homeopathic remedies for weight loss are a better option because of the natural, symptomatic and holistic approach that homeopathy takes.

Herbal weight loss involves the use of natural herbs that have a stimulating, diuretic, cathartic and appetite-suppressing affect on the body. Herbal weight loss pills have earned a bad name for themselves due to some over-enthused marketers that boast of far fetched results that seem miraculous. Proper information about organic herbs and herbal remedies can go along way to help you derive maximum benefits from these herbs.

Although green tea is also sold in capsules, the traditional method of making tea is better as you can control its brewing to suit your taste. It is a harmless herb with antioxidant properties and four to five cups a day should be enough.

Cascara sagrada is a strong laxative and diuretic. One or two cups of tea in a day made from the herb or ten drops of its tincture can improve and regulate your elimination process. Take care not to use it for more than a week.

Dandelion is a gentle diuretic that helps in digestion and removes cholesterol from blood. You can make tea from its leaves or eat these fresh greens in a soup or a salad.

Malabar tamarind is a good appetite suppressant and a digestive aid as well. Its tangy pulp can be cooked with rice and fish. If that sounds a bit too much for you, soak a small quantity overnight and dilute it in water. Add a little bit of jaggery and salt to make a tasty tangy drink.

If you have a sweet tooth try eating one to two sticks of licorice roots everyday. It will prevent the cravings for sweets and also inhibit urges for snacking between meals.

Psyllium husk is a gentle laxative that provides the needed bulk in your food. Two tablespoons of husk or powdered seeds with water or juice before bedtime will help a lot for easy elimination in the morning.

All weight loss solutions include regular exercise. Siberian Ginseng can provide help you in getting used to the new routine, remaining active and reducing stress.

A word of caution needs to be added here. Herbs are generally safe but an overdose of even normal foods can cause problems. There are some herbs like ephedra sinica that are known to have a detrimental affect on heart and diabetes. Avoid herbal supplements. Some of them contain ten to twenty herbs. It is obvious that none of them would contain herbs in their effective dose. Moreover some herbs tend to interact with each other and cause electrolyte imbalances. Remember that long term use of any remedy including herbs should only be under an expert’s guidance.

Different therapies approach obesity based on various perceptions of symptoms and treatment theories. The allopathic approach is to use weight loss medications that inhibit absorption of food and induce satiation to treat obesity. Alternative therapies have a different approach and lay emphasis on natural procedures, herbs and diets for a natural weight loss since it is believed that they maintain vitality as well.

The diagnostic base of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian therapy, are the three aspects of body functioning – vata (wind), kapha (phlegm) and pitta (heat). According to Ayurvedic texts all disease is caused by either one or a combination of any two of the three. A combination of all three indicates an incurable condition.

Ayurveda perceives obesity as a cause of:

* Diet and lifestyle that results in accumulation of fat
* Lack of exercise and inactive lifestyle
* Sleeping in the afternoon
* High calorie intake or consumption of sweetened foods

Fat gets deposited in all living beings. Some amount of fat is necessary since it keeps the body moist, provides insulation from heat, protects bones from shock and stores energy. Excessive fat tends to accumulate mostly on the belly, hips and breasts. Left unattended, it leads to a vicious circle of inactivity. Obesity leads to further inactivity as obese individuals find it difficult to remain active.

Ayurveda has a four pronged treatment module for treating obesity:

* Herbs
* Diet
* Lifestyle
* Yoga

Ayurvedic herbs like Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) Punarnava(Boerhaavia diffusa) form a part of the herbal weight loss approach. These herbs improve the metabolic rate and help in faster burning of calories. An Ayurvedic physician may prescribe weight loss medications made from purely natural products and prepared according to the specific instructions mentioned in the ancient texts.

Ayurvedic diet for reducing weight takes into consideration the level of activity of the patient and then correlates it with basic nutritional requirements. The emphasis is on a balanced diet that includes food items from each of the groups, namely, milk, meat, fruit, vegetables and cereals. Avoid curds and prefer buttermilk instead. Allow an occasional treat but keep away from fatty and sweetened foods and drinks.

Small changes in lifestyles can go a long way in increasing physical activity. Climb stairs instead looking for the lift, walk down to buy groceries and bring children back home from school on foot. These provide healthy exercise without having to join a gym. Regular sexual activity too is a healthy exercise. Afternoon sleep is a big no-no in Ayurveda. It reduces the metabolic process of burning calories.

Yogic exercises are an integral part of ayurvedic weight loss solutions. Contrary to popular belief yoga is not an exercise program only. It is an age old system of establishing unison between the mind, spirit and body. Specific yogic postures for reducing weight go a long way in developing a positive attitude that can have a big impact on your efforts for combating obesity.

By Tess Thompson

Acupuncture originated in China and over the years has become a popular therapy across the world. It is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The acupuncture process involves inserting needles at various points in the body. The basics of natural weight loss under the therapy revolve around the release of vital energy known as chi or Qi in Chinese.

Qi is considered to be the circulating life energy in Chinese philosophy. It is thought to be inherent in all things. The Chinese theory believes that Qi flows through pathways that are known as meridians. There are 20 meridians in the body out of which 12 are primary and related to specific organs or functions. The other 8 are called secondary meridians. Any imbalance in the flow of Qi through these meridians caused by a blockage within the body is considered to be the root cause of all disease and disorders including obesity.

There meridians are used by acupuncture specialist to stimulate and restore normal flow and balance of Qi. This is the process that is used for treating all disease. Modern science however believes that acupuncture needles actually stimulate the release of endorphins, a naturally occurring neurochemical that has analgesic properties. It is the excess availability of endorphins that gives a temporary sense of well being.

As far as weight loss is concerned, acupuncture attempts to restrict appetite and cravings for foods. It also eliminates excess water from the body and stimulates the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system, to burn extra fat. An acupuncturist inserts five needles, four of which are targeted at specific organs – kidneys, liver, lungs and the nervous system. The fifth one is simply inserted to calm an anxious patient. As per TCM theory, this releases the blocked energy and inhibits appetite and craving for carbohydrates and helps in general detoxification.

American acupuncturists have developed a process of ear staples for weight loss. In this process only the upper and lower part of each ear is stapled. This adapted method is less safe than the conventional method of inserting needles because needles are removed after every sitting while the ear staples are left in the ears for several days. The ear cartilage is not resistant to infection and is therefore not recommended by traditional acupuncturists.

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss has been around for years but there is no scientific proof of its efficacy besides the recently discovered release of endorphins. However, it is also not known to cause any harmful effects as long as the needles are sterilized. It does not involve ingestion of any artificial weight loss remedies whose efficacy is doubted by skeptics. Considering these aspects there seems to be no harm in trying acupuncture along with exercise and natural weight loss supplements provided they have proven credentials.

The skin, like the rest of the body, has a system of restoring damages by itself. A classical example of this is the self-healing process that starts when wounds are closed by clotting, contraction and the production of new cells. This is known as biological skin tightening that involves fibroblasts, the skin’s repair cells that pull collagen strands together.

Some weight loss solutions end up being more effective than they should. For example, regular exercising in conjunction with a natural weight loss program may result in a weight loss faster than the commensurate muscle build up. The skin may sag in such cases.

Sagging skin that occurs after rapid weight loss is different from sagging skin due to old age. It is a problem caused due to the fact that your skin does not fit the new size of your body anymore. Surgical treatments to correct this condition involve plastic surgery that can include numerous operations that are quite expensive. Non surgical options include products like creams and dietary supplements that are not so tough on the pocket.

Most products used for tightening sagging skin use copper peptide creams and hydroxy acids. The entire process takes about four to six months to show results. Similar products are available for a mild breast lift up that use 15% to 30% lactic or glycol acid with creams.

Dietary supplements for tightening a sagging skin involve vitamin C for cross linking and MSM (methylsulfonyl methane) for protein synthesis. Some products carry a rider that mechanical support to counter the affects of gravity on the sagging skin produce better results.

The basic problem arises due to the fact that your skin has not kept pace with the reduction in your size. You can approach this condition through the natural route by ensuring new muscle build up. Joining a gym is the best option if that is what you choose to do. If rigorous exercise is not your cup of tea, you can exercise even while doing your daily chores. Cycling and gardening on your feet instead of knees are activities that mimic the squat – a free weight lifting exercise. Pull ups, bench press and the dead lift are the other three most productive styles for tightening skin.

Keeping the skin hydrated with sufficient intake of water helps in plumping up the skin that is sagging due to a fast weight loss. For your workout to be effective your muscles require proper hydration so that they can contract easily. Water also helps in easy elimination of fluids that accumulate at the wrong places and cause the skin to sag.

There has been a paradigm shift in the general approach towards treatment. The recent times have seen an increased emphasis on natural and herbal treatments. Treating obesity and the resultant condition of sagging skin are no exception to the trend. Obese patients are more inclined towards natural and herbal weight loss solutions to avoid the side effects of weight loss medications. Products for a sagging skin due to weight loss are mostly safe but natural processes are safer.

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By Tess Thompson

The Alli diet pill is a lower potency of the prescription weight loss drug Xenical, (also known as Orlistat). Clinical trials of Xenical reported an average weight loss of 12.4 pounds over a period of six months. Clinical trials also indicated that the drug is stable and effective, leading to significant weight loss by reducing absorption of fatty acids and limiting calorie intake.

The drug restricts the production of the enzyme that breaks up fat. This instantly results in lesser calorie intake as the entire fat content cannot be converted into fatty acids. It is thus possible to control weight by reducing the amount of fatty acids retained by the body. As the Alli Diet Pill has a lower potency of Xenical, it controls weight loss by adjustments in dosage.

Any drug that interferes with the natural metabolic process has a flip side to it. There are some issues that are being ignored by consumers caught in the recent euphoria. The main reason fro the euphoria is the approval for over-the-counter sale of this drug by the FDA. Since no prescription is now required to obtain this drug, anyone can lay their hands on it without the need for a prescription from a medical doctor.

The drug is not known to work unless there is some amount of fat in your diet. On the other hand if fat intake is not restricted, the results can be fairly embarrassing – you may begin to wonder whether you were toilet trained at all. As Alli restricts break up of fat, the remaining fats find their way out through stools in their undigested stage. This results in bad smelling oily stools. Another manner in which the drug can cause embarrassment is excessive flatulence. Although a natural and harmless release, flatulence can get extremely embarrassing since it is coupled with partial control over bowels.

If you already have an irritable bowel syndrome where diarrhea is a predominant symptom, Alli diet pills can add to your problems to a large extent.

Some Vitamins have a fatty content. The restricted absorption of fats can potentially cause Vitamin deficiency.

The unprecedented popularity of Alli is being ascribed to the growing incidence of obesity. However, it cannot be denied that for many, overweight is more of a personal and cosmetic concern rather than a health issue. Alli used for non-genuine weight loss, simply to get a wafer thin modeling figure, is tantamount to just inviting side effects.

– The reported weight loss in clinical trials was achieved in conjunction with other healthy weight loss plans and not only with the use of Alli. Moreover, the placebo patients too lost half of what those on Alli did. And this happened over a period of six months. You can still chose to stick to safe natural weight loss remedies and lose weight naturally

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