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All too often we hear of some new technique or product and read about all its supposed benefits but we simply ignore them, them thinking that this is just another lot of hype by those wishing to sell the product.  


Or if we do give it a go we find that it costs a great deal and does not deliver on the promises. Maybe we expected too much from it to start with. Sadly, this experience is less than positive because it is hard to sort out the fact from the fiction; the myths from the truth. 


And as time goes by even more myths pop up until we really don’t know what is good for us and what is bad. Who are the self proclaimed experts that tell us a product is so good for us that it is almost a magic bullet to health and anti-aging? What tests were undertaken to find out exactly what the results of consuming it would be – and with whom?  


And sometimes we get so negative about the whole thing that we tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater; we dismiss the whole product because we have heard about negative impacts and so we miss out on the benefits. 


It doesn’t have to be like that. You can actually find out the truth of the matter and easily sort through the facts and the fiction when you read this guide.  



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  • You can find out without spending a fortune
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  • You can find without wasting a lot of time. 
  • You can find out without having to rely on friends and relatives. 



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“Health Benefits of Green Tea” gives you everything you need to know to make the decision about whether this product will benefit you and how.  Not only will you learn how to brew this beneficial tea for optimum taste, you will also learn exactly how it works in your body to provide such wonderful health benefits. 


Here’s more: 


Did You Always Wonder Exactly What the Difference Is Between Green Tea And Black Tea? Bet you didn’t know that they both come from the same bush. 



So Why Are The Two So Different? It’s not rocket science. It all comes down to the way they are processed – and a few other small details. 


And What Exactly Are Those So-Called Benefits of Green Tea? You don’t need four years of medical training to understand this simple explanation.  



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