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If you have been trying to get pregnant and can\'t seem to conceive, you are probably experiencing severe frustration. Women who are having fertility problems often see their friends and family members getting pregnant, which causes them to become even more depressed and despondent. In particular, this affects ladies who have been trying all sorts of fertility treatments with no luck. Even, though, if you think you have already attempted all of today\'s treatments, there are some options that are probably still open to you. Read the rest of this entry »
There are several ways in which patients suffering from various conditions manage to get homeopathic treatment. In contrast to the synthetic treatments normally employed in conventional medicine, homeopathic treatments endorse the use of natural treatments and tools. The number of supporters of this system of medicine has greatly increased over the years as its effectiveness has been proven again and again. Read the rest of this entry »
There are means that can be employed by patients in order to obtain homeopathic treatment for whatever ails them. As we all know, the homeopathic system of medicine is one that strongly advocates for the use of natural treatment aids (as opposed to conventional medications, which are normally made out synthetic formulations). The number of supporters of this system of medicine has greatly increased over the years as its effectiveness has been proven again and again. This ancient system has always been relied on to provide cures and permanent relief to conditions where conventional medicine is stumped for a solution. Read the rest of this entry »
The condition known as Trigeminal neuralgia or Prosopalgia is also referred to as the suicide disease. Another name it is known for is Fothergill\'s disease. Those who have Trigeminal neuralgia will surely face pain in their face. The trigeminal nerve is a cranial nerve and it contains three branches. That is what it owes its name to. The three branches are the maxillary nerve, mandibular nerve and the ophthalmic nerve. Damage could be inflicted on one of these nerves. It could also be that all three nerves become damaged. Here, treatment has to be really effective. Since these are all sensitive nerves, you must find a good neurosurgeon to treat them in an effective manner. Read the rest of this entry »

by Deb Vadnais

Homeopathy is a natural healing method based on the principle of “like cures like.” This means symptoms are treated with an extremely diluted dose of whatever it is that might have caused the ailment in the first place. The doses of medicine are so diluted; there might not be any active elements of the original solution remaining in the actual medicine when treating the person with the disorder.

This leads to the next point, that homeopathy works on the energetic level, not the physical level. Homeopathy treatments influence the energy system of the patient (for want of a better word). The method impacts the whole person physically, emotionally, and mentally. It views a disorder as an imbalance in a person’s chi, or life force energy, and acts to stimulate the body’s own natural inner healing ability, bringing it back into balance.

In this way, homeopathy is much like acupuncture. This is another difficult to explain healing method that focuses on the body’s energy system and restoring balance. Acupuncture and homeopathy both have a physical component, but the healing cannot be explained in terms of physical, chemical reactions.

A German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, who sought an alternative to the brutal healing methods practiced at the time, originated homeopathy in the late 1700’s. Homeopathy was very well established in the US in the 1800’s and beyond. Homeopathic hospitals were common and the method was taught in medical schools. So it was quite popular, as well as sanctioned, in the US until about the 1930’s. This diminished with the rise in power of the American Medical Association, among other issues.

Homeopathy is still quite popular and practiced widely around the world, especially in Europe and India. Hundreds of millions of people access homeopathy every year for healing.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to treat just about any combination of symptoms or injuries. They are also used for over all wellness and prevention. Single medicines contain only one active ingredient and are intended to treat a very specific condition. A series of detailed questions about a person’s physical, mental, and emotional status is used to identify the best individual remedy.

There are also combined medicines that treat a variety of concerns. These have a number of active ingredients. Arnica cream is a popular example of this. It is used for treating muscle soreness and injuries.

Typically, homeopathic medicines are considered to be safe, have no side effects, and can be used in conjunction with mainstream treatments. Locating a homeopathic provider is easier and easier with the growth of the alternative health community in the US in recent years. The remedies themselves can easily be found at all health food type stores.

A couple of concerns about homeopathy can also be raised. Sometimes when using a homeopathic medicine, the symptoms can seem to get worse before they get better. This has been attributed to the body recreating symptoms in reaction to receiving a treatment containing the elements that cause the illness.

Also, there is no confirmed scientific proof that homeopathy actually works to cure people. This is a concern for the skeptics. Many studies conclude that health benefits of homeopathy are due to the placebo effect. In other words, it’s all in their heads and has nothing to do with medicine. Some will then say this affirms the effectiveness of the treatment. It’s supposed to work this way on the energetic level.

Homeopathy is very different from conventional western medicine. It has many advocates and many skeptics. By some it is seen as a medicine of the future as we grow in understanding of the human energy system and all the avenues through which healing can occur. In the meantime, the reach of homeopathy is expanding and it satisfies an ever growing number of people’s desire for natural healing.

Enduring 'neuralgia' agony? Here's the best spot to understand about its symptoms, remedies and causes.Trigeminal neuralgia is popularly known as the suicide disease or perhaps fothergill's disease or perhaps Prosopalgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is often a neuropathic dysfunction where a particular person encounters rigorous discomfort on the face which in turn arises from the trigeminal nerves or simply the fifth cranial nerves.This is among the unpleasant problems that the human species may endure.In such a condition an individual can encounter serious pain inside the ears, eyes, lips, scalp, forehead, cheeks, teeth and jaws. In some instances individuals additionally endure soreness in the index finger. Read the rest of this entry »
If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you are not alone, as this is a problem many people have. Believe it or not, but researchers do not have the complete picture about hemorrhoids, although they do think certain conditions can contribute such as the quality of your diet, age, and possibly amount of physical activity you get. While hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable, at times very painful problem, they can be managed and prevented with the right approach, which varies from one person to another. What we'd like to do is give you additional information so you will know what you're dealing with as well as what your best options are. Read the rest of this entry »
Being aware of the symptoms of hemorrhoids is a good idea because most people will experience this problem at some point in their life. Hemorrhoids generally occur in middle aged people or older, but it is possible to experience them at any age. Prescriptions can help treat this condition although in rare cases medical procedures are required. In most cases, however, home remedies are all that's needed to control hemorrhoids. Watch for the following causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids. Read the rest of this entry »
Are you knowledgeable on the symptoms of hemorrhoids? This ailment affects people differently, depending on the type you have and the severity. Although hemorrhoids are never pleasant, at least they are usually easily treated with home remedies and over the counter medications. If you're not sure if your symptoms are caused by hemorrhoids or if they are sever, have your doctor do an exam. These signs and symptoms are the most common ones of hemorrhoids. Read the rest of this entry »
Hemorrhoids is a condition that many people have that cause a lot of pain and suffering. Even though not everyone seems to be knowledgeable about what they are or recognize the signs to know if they have them. In some cases, the symptoms of hemorrhoids overlap with other conditions. Although people don't like to have hemorrhoids, we sometimes have to suffer with them, but there are plenty of methods to treat them. This article will allow you to be knowledgeable about the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Read the rest of this entry »
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