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A NYC cardiologist has created a diet that detoxifies the body of free radicals. The system is capable of helping people deal with obesity and different kinds of unpleasant symptoms. Discover more information about this system by reading a review of Dr Alejandro Jungers 21 Day Clean Program. Read the rest of this entry »
Are you currently struggling with irritation and tenderness in the vaginal region? Whenever you urinate or through sexual intercourse, could there be some uncomfortable sensation in the same place? Is burning or agonizing sensation felt in that region? Is a whitish discharge that doesn't possess smell coming from your vaginal area? Is the release thick, clumpy, and really looks like cottage cheese? Yeast infection may be the problem if you are feeling these signs and symptoms. Read the rest of this entry »
Filiform warts are long and thin tumors that grow very fast on the outside layer of the skin. These are not malignancies and are harmless. Filiform warts are commonly shaped like a finger and are projected outwardly from inside the skin. These are typically located in specific locations like the eyelids, nose, lips, chin, neck or anywhere on the face. Read the rest of this entry »
Are you troubled by moles, warts, and skin tags? If so, don't feel bad. There are many ways to get rid of them, you can have this sort of benign skin lesion removed if you find them painful, irritable, or simply ugly. Read the rest of this entry »
Warts on the face are small, rough and raised bumps. They are both quite common and harmless. The only problem usually relates to aesthetic reasons. It is a fact that no one likes to have these 'horrible creatures' on one's face. Read the rest of this entry »
The term "aromatherapy" usually conjures up pleasant smelling day spa treatments, or often some seemingly frivolous aromatic application. While it's been the case for some time that researchers have been investigating many medical uses of essential oils: anti-viral, anticancer etc, there are very few studies that look at the effects of inhaling essential oils. There's a few showing lowered aggression and less stress in mice and rats, yet almost no research performed with human subjects. From the scientific research, it is clear that essential oils are real medicine, with real medical applications, but does their inhalation for the effect of the scent have valid scientific backing? Read the rest of this entry »
There are several countries today competing to get accreditation from the top governing bodies, to hopefully become one of the best when it comes to providing medical tourism packages. There are 3 nations you have to specially consider, though, since these have been very consistent in giving quality care, as well as the most attractive tourist spots this side of the globe. Here are some more details on what to expect and why they're the best. Read the rest of this entry »
With today's array of medicines, television advertisements tell the public all the terrible side-effects that could occur when taking prescription drugs. One must wonder, "Why would I take that if it will kill me?" This does not encourage anyone to take this chance with their bodies or minds. Fortunately, Natural Remedies Natural Health Alternative Medicine offers an clear choice that has stood the test of time. Read the rest of this entry »
People consider this as an option after spending sleepless nights for a long period. And this makes them to believe that they have a sleep problem. When people are not able to sleep the first thing they do is to go for sleeping pills Read the rest of this entry »
"I do not remember whether I have a migraine headache because of depression or I was depressed about my migraine headache" A client joked to me. Read the rest of this entry »
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